Thursday, November 21, 2013

Being Sick

What do you hate about being sick? I hate when you go back to school. You have so much make-up work, especially if you missed a test. I mean, math teacher; Oh, you missed a test so on top of your homework, you get this study packet, you get to do the chapter 3 review and you have to come in early to make-up the test. But, you definitely won't finish it, so also come up during lunch. Literacy teacher; Well, let's see, you missed everyone researching one of these topics and writing an essay about it. So you'll have to do that. Science teacher; Since you missed a project that was due today, you can make it up and turn it in on Monday. Someone will tell you what it is. Social Studies teacher; We're taking the test today, but since you're not ready, you can do this sheet, this packet to help you take notes, and this study guide. You can make-up the test next class.      I'm just like, what happened while I was gone? Did all the teachers decide, lets pick out projects and things to do so when Lizzy comes back, she'll have the most homework. It's exasperating. But, it's always funny to see your friends again. When they see you they act like they thought you were dead and attack you with a hug. They often make up stories like, I bet she was taken by the FBI to be questioned because she witnessed a murder. And, No, I think she's part of the CIA and her real name is Kim. Also, she's been killed by a serial killer and thrown off a cliff into the river so no one will find her. But there's always someone who's the voice of reason. She's probably just sick. Thank you to that person. No, I didn't witness a murder, I'm not part of the CIA and I wasn't killed by a serial killer. I WAS JUST SICK! Anyway, I hate going back to school after being sick.


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