Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Prologue part 2

Dear Viewers,
          Some of my friends begged me to post more of the story I posted on this. Here it is, part two of the prologue. This time it's  from Julia's point of view.

          He's a threat. Somehow, he'd hacked the FBI system, and the SS system. I can tell he's after me, and as stubborn as agents are, I suspect he won't give up. Unfortunately, he's been following me, and he traced me to the school I'm currently attending. The worst news is, he's only fourteen years old. I know I have to take him out, but that seems psychologically impossible. He's only a kid, the same age as me. The thing is, I can probably sympathize with him. I used to be in the FBI until I learned the truth. But I'll do what I have to, and that means I've got to go against my morals. Like I always do on these kinds of missions. Oh well, I've taken down plenty of criminals. It'll be just like that. Once it's over, it'll be over. I've learned not to dwell on the past. And not to think about the future. 


Thursday, December 13, 2012


Dear Viewers.
          *sigh* I wish Christmas would hurry up and come already! I'm tired of waiting! (btw, as you've probably figured out, I'm very impatient) But, at least I get to hear all the Christmas carols (even though they do get old after you hear them 10 times a day every December!), and it's still winter, so there might be a snow day soon. Cross our fingers! Lick a spoon, and put it under your pillow! Sleep with your pajamas inside out! Whatever it takes!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Dear Viewers,
          Have you ever been bullied? It hurts doesn't it? Have you guys ever heard of Megan Meier? She hung herself 3 weeks before her 14th birthday. People were making fun of her, and a "boy" on MySpace. It was really a family who's daughter Megan used to be friends with, until they had a fight. The mother made the fake MySpace page, and when "Josh" gained Megan's trust, he started being mean to her. When the kids at  school found out, they all posted mean things about Megan, and Megan got really upset. Around an hour later, Megan's parents found Megan in her closet. She had hung herself. The worst part is, the adult responsible faced almost no punishment. Now, at least most states in the US have laws against this. If you want to find out more about Megan Meier, go to

Monday, December 3, 2012


Dear Viewers,
       My name is Lizzy. If your looking for serious and professional blogger, then you're looking in the wrong place. I am very laid back, and am good at giving advice. I don't like to be around people who are full of themselves, or make me feel bad about myself. By the way, I won't be just posting about writing advice, I also will write about  everyday things that happened in my life. I will also be accepting letters, so don't be afraid to share personal, or made up stories, and you can give me permission to post them up here.


Dear Viewers,
          Try to solve this riddle.

You are trapped in a room.  You have a saw, and a dresser in the room.  The walls are too hard to saw through.  You must use both tools.  How do you get out?

I'll post the answer on Wednesday.


Here's a poem I wrote;


The lights in your eyes
Blinding you
All eyes on you
Waiting for you to do something
Waiting for you to mess up
You freeze
Someone snickers
Your face burns crimson
You recite your line
And slink off stage 

The next day
You look at the cast list
You smile
You got the lead role
You did it
You do a dance
Then walk away

This is my fantasy.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Dear Viewers,
          My friend made up this hand shake/hand game.  Here are the "lyrics"

Happy llama
Sad llama
Totally rad llama
Super llama
Drama llama
Big fat mama llama
Awkward turtle
Makes weird babies
Evil Doctor Coconut turns into a palm tree
Awkward hot dog
Woof, woof
Awkward hot dog
Woof, woof
Turkey turkey gravy
Turkey turkey gravy
Awkward flagpole waves goodbye
Rabid squirrel

Yeah, my friend's weird.